Wild camping rules

At Robin Hood Overlanders, we have always been very passionate about making wild camping enjoyable and accessible to all. From an economical point of view, it makes sense to cut down the amount of time spent on campsites, it can make your travelling time more flexible, and it does offer a splendid way to enjoy the views unspoiled.

We follow a strict Wild Camping Code to ensure everyone leaves happy.

  1. We always leave camping spots as we found them (often we litter pick too, therefore leaving them even tidier!)
  2. Fires are made in a Braii – above the ground, always attended and covered before bed. Fire extinguishers are always on hand (next to the marshmallows).
  3. No loud electricals, generators or raring engine noise.
  4. We minimise our footprint where possible and practical (good job we’re a friendly bunch!)
  5. We keep lighting to a bare minimum (low level, atmospheric led’s).
  6. We don’t do anything injurious to the local habitat (shut gates behind us, don’t pick flowers, don’t disturb wildlife etc)
  7. We don’t hang around – usually we arrive at a spot late and leave early, so as to avoid creating too much noise and disturbing anything.
  8. Toilet wisely – away from water sources, dig a hole, use biodegradable paper (NOT baby wipes).
  9.  Try to support the local economy in other ways (yes, visit the local hostelry if you must!)

Finally, our favourite

10. Be sociable! – We’ve shared our camp fire with many interesting travellers over our trips, in exchange for stories, Swiss chocolate, homemade beer that might cause blindness…


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