Flatdog Open Weekend, 10-11th June

A bit of a last minute arrangement to attend the Flatdog Open Weekend this weekend. Well, there’s something very strange about camping in a field 1 mile from your own home, soft bed and warm shower! All camping money to a great cause, and an excuse to get the roof tent out with like-minded people… we didn’t take much persuading. We also added new members to the club, Thomas, Sally, Dave and Rosie the dog.


Saturday saw us taking a road trip to Flatdog UK showroom in Gainsborough. There we spoke to Chris and Amanda Fraser from  Dead2travel who have just travelled throughout Africe (via Gainsborough). Rich from Bug Out Vehicles UK was doing sterling work taking photos and threatening to smile at people. The Britpart car was there, looking very shiny!


We multi-tasked and attended the inaugral Gainsbrough Armed Forces fundraising event. A few ciders later (and a haybale…) and we headed off to camp.


All spent up on overlanding equipment and kiwi and lime cider, we went back to base camp for the traditional braii and pain au chocolate.

Thank you all who made it an interesting event – see our Instagram or Facebook pages for more photos.







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  1. Tobias Mann says:

    I know it’s strange to sleep somewhere so close to home, but not home. Luckily I have always felt at home in a tent. Sure, it may not have all the creature comforts, but it does at least keep dry, warm and safe from the elements. Glad the money was for a good cause. Look forward to following your journey.


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