Last minute preparations for the Haggis Hunt.


I’m a big fan of lists as you can see from the following posts!

This post is a list of documents we could include in our famous road books, so that we can make new members feel welcome, with essential information, with interesting/exciting information. As always, we “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

  • Cover page
  • Overland passenger details (phone numbers, reg numbers, any medical information other travellers need to know, CB handle, email/Facebook for sending/tagging photos)
  • List of campsites
  • Confirmations/Reservations if required
  • List of rendezvous points (lunch stops, tourist stops etc)
  • Ferry tickets if required
  • Copies of visas if required (including supporting documents such as invitation letters etc)
  • Vaccination record
  • Insurance policy
  • Breakdown cover details
  • Photocopy of passports
  • Phone numbers for UK banks in case of lost/stolen bank cards
  • British Embassy details if required
  • Driver licence share codes
  • EHIC cards
  • Travel insurance
  • First Aid essentials
  • List of useful apps or websites (eg language translators, mapping software, AR apps…)
  • Food list (because we mostly do communal cooking, it needs a tiny bit of organising who is responsible for what)
  • Washing up/cooking rotas
  • Memento stickers (country visited and black oval RHOL stickers)
  • Interesting information about tourist places (for example, on The Memorial Tour, I included a cemetery map, articles from LRO about the Green Lanes we drove on, an LRM article about the Battlefields, information about The Menin Gate ceremony etc).
  • A quiz or puzzle

Obviously for travel in the EU, lots of these items are not necessary, and for our upcoming trip to Scotland, even less. Many of these things you will never need, but having a contingency is all about making yourself confident that all bases have been covered. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. I have spoken to many people who say “I can get a share code on the day with my NI number and driver licence”. Yes, you can, but in a high pressure situation with armed police, will they allow you get your phone out? Will you have an internet signal? Will you remember your NI number under pressure? With a language barrier, will you be able to communicate to the police what you are doing? What if your licence has been stolen? All for the sake of printing out one piece of paper, it doesn’t seem worth the risk to me.

Also worth mentioning that many of these items are needed because we travel in a group – if you are travelling alone you won’t need a washing up rota! I also would advise you keep the original passport, driving licence, visa etc in a separate place than your travel file. Not only does that protect you if your car is broken into or your bag stolen, but it will help you to feel prepared and secure.


So, I hope that gives some useful information and demonstrates why RHOL have a reputation for being organised and giving our members security and confidence. From £20 a year for membership, there’s no other club like us!

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