BOAB party Braii

This is the second BOAB Braii that we have owned, being so impressed with the family one, when we upgraded we decided to go for a larger one since we have so many people to cook for on trips.


The Braii packs up into a small suitcase style, with all the legs, fixtures and fittings inside. It comes with a number of accessories and you can buy more from various outfitters. We’ve had a few bits especially made for ours, like the dutch oven hanger seen above (Thanks to Ryan for his skills).


The Braii can be used as a BBQ or a fire pit. This is a really handy feature when overlanding as it means you only have to carry one piece of equipment. We also really like that you can pop the lid on when you go to bed, making sure that open fires aren’t left unattended.


That said, the Braii is really heavy and can be very fiddly to pack up, and is a hefty piece of kit to store in your truck – once we had an issue where the Braii had fallen against the door handle, too heavy to lift.  We’ve had a bag specially made although the family Braii does have a bag to order separately. Another niggly issue with the Braii is that the grill is difficult to clean.


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